Ludwing Music (also known as Bombon) was born on Teguacigalpa Honduras january 28, 1986.He is a Singer,Model, Songwriter, Producer,actor, and CEO of L&L Music Publishing.In 1989 He moved with part of his family to the New York City projects of The Bronx,while still a young Adult Ludwing had already received his calling to Music signing up with the Jazz band of Stevenson High School in the Bronx and singing and playing drums at the evangelical church which his mom attended.In 1996 Ludwing move to Miami where he enroll in 3 of the most prestigious modeling agencies in Mimai Beach

at the time like Image Model & Talent Agency, The Green Agency and Sierralta Entertainment, initiating, in that moment, a modeling career....

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Shoes for Joy

Shoes for Joy is a nonprofit organization founded by Singer, Model, Songwriter, Producer, actor, and CEO of L&L Music Publishing Ludwing Laboriel of Miami FL, whose mission is to provide basic humanitarian needs to children including Shoes,food,water,shelter and clothing. Our mission is simple “Put shoes on the shoeless in Central America......

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